Established June 29, 1899 at Oowala, Indian Territory
Cooweescoowee District of the Cherokee Nation 

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Membership in this club shall be divided into two classes: Active and Honorary. Honorary Members are those who have reached age 80. Active Members are those women, age 18 or older, who are regularly enrolled Cherokees or are direct descendants of enrolled Cherokee Citizens on the Dawes Commission Rolls. All New members shall be notified in writing by the Secretary of acceptance into the Club, which requires two-thirds majority members present.

The Membership Committee shall consist of three (3) active Members appointed by the President. It shall be their duty to receive and verify all applications for Membership of the club. The name of the prospective candidate will be presented to the Membership Committee at a Regular Meeting, prior to the meeting at which their name is to be voted upon. The committee shall report its findings at a regular meeting and a two thirds majority of Members present shall elect.

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Indian Women's Pocahontas Club
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